Since 2010 Dolce Bontà realized a photovoltaic system for the production
of electric power of 100 kWp ca. An investment of € 315,000,
which lets you generate 132.149 kWh / year.
This way you will save 396.445g / year of CO2 into the environment.

Dolce Bontà

the factory

Family company, founded by Antonio and Marisa Curci.
Dolce Bontà began as a small business and has evolved to become an efficient and modern company that complies with all the health and food safety regulations.
Tradition and modernity are at the base of the strategic choices of Dolce Bontà, which produces tarallini according to the traditional recipe of Putignano. Every day, the company commits itself to searching for and preserving those values, whether food, courtesy or image, that allow it to gain the trust of the customer and maintain it over time

For over thirty years, we have been taking care and paying attention to what we do,
so that we can offer natural and high quality products.
Why, because we love our history and our land of wonderful colours and flavours.
We want to spread the genuineness of Puglia and the simplicity of its people.

Looking at the world with simplicity and naturalness,
to leave a legacy for our children tomorrow.

Dolce Bontà invests in scientific research initiated and promoted by the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”.
Since 2015, the company co-finances the research project on “Phenomenological analysis and prevention of communicative distorsion in work interactions that are highly exposed to the risk of work-related stress (WRS)”.
This research investigates possible preconceptions and prejudices that could invalidate the communicative relationship in our company and may expose our team to the risk of work-related stress (WRS).
This analysis allows us to focus on the organizational aspects of the WRS phenomenon that the crurrent prevention methods leave in the background.
The innovative nature of this research places our company as leader and “pilot company” in a new age of evaluation of WRS.