La Puglia

the territory

Considered the “heel” of the Italian “boot”,
Puglia is a fertile, mostly flat,
agricultural region, whose coastal area
is embraced by steep cliffs
and long white sandy beaches.
A simple and country-style cuisine
made from fresh hearty ingredients,
expanses of green and silvery olive groves
and vineyards, and a culture where
food and good wine are a way to
express friendship,
love and passion for life.

“È finito tutto a tarallucci e vino” i.e.,
everything was well resolved
and any discussion ended
in the best way possible.
That’s the Tarallino,
a very tasty and pleasant product.
Back in the 1400 farming families
already used to eat Tarallini and good wine
together with friends and relatives,
seeing them as a symbol
of warmth and friendship.

Today the Apulian Tarallino
is highly appreciated as a snack,
and is an excellent alternative to bread.
The name Tarallino
probably comes from the Greek word “daratos”, which means “a sort of bread”,
and contains the most representative elements
of the Apulian agricultural landscape,
such as wheat, olive oil, and wine.
The Tarallino will let you discover
the lovely smell of bread with olive oil,
and a delicious taste seasoned with fennel seeds,
pepper, rosemary, onion, chili pepper,
and much more.